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County Federation of Trade Unions sent

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On a hot summer day, roast the earth. On the morning of July 25th, under the leadership of the Vice Chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, Yao Yaoting, the county general union and his party braved the summer heat to the group, and sent mineral water, cool oil, honeysuckle, etc. to the cadres and workers who stood firm in the hot season. Heatstroke and cooling supplies, sent a trace of cool.

The leaders of the County Federation of Trade Unions have understood the production and operation of the company, and everyone should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, take care of the body and pay attention to safety. Zhang Dong, general manager of the group, expressed sincere gratitude to the cadres and workers for their condolences to the county federation of trade unions, and said that they will continue to take various measures to provide logistical support for employees and create a healthy, cool and safe production and working environment.

Group Chairman of the Labor Union Teng Lianjun and Vice Chairman Huang Yanhong participated in the above activities.

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