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Quality inspection training

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In order to offer better service for our customer. The Coating Compositing Quality Department want to improve their working quality and efficiency , and standardize the testing operations. The quality inspection department had a training on the theme of “ quality inspection” in the workshop on 4th July. The training was hosted by Zheng Min, director of the Quality Inspection. All the inspectors attended the training.

This training mainly explained the contents of four aspects:

1、 Several key points of quality inspection in the production process

2、 Dos and don’ts for products inspection and the requirements of testing

3、Special requirements for different products types and different customers

4、Learn and use various products codes in the new label printing system

A live printer label replacement operation training.

After this training, all the quality check inspectors have mastered the operation process of the label printing system, which greatly reduces the process time for the warehousing and delivery of products in the later period. And at the same time makes all quality check inspectors fully understand the special requirements of customers for products, so as to form a seamless connection with customers in work.

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